The future is OnChain.

A platform to build and run blockchain apps, OnChain. no tokens, no cryptocurrencies, no BS. Build & Deploy.

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OnChain ID

ID is an essential requirement for any application. So we are starting with OnChain ID.

You control your ID, you control the world.

OnChain Auth

All applications built OnChain use OnChain Auth.

OnChain VM

We are integrating a Virtual Machine, where you can deploy SmartContracts and full OnChain apps.

Your Code

Our blockchain is built with applications in mind. The chain records state and very little else. Interact with it however you like. Bring your own code.


Are you decentralized? No. We are a very much centralized, boring company. What we are doing is building centralized, public blockchains.

Will you do an ICO/IDO/IEO or some sort of token sale? No. Only truly decentralized projects that cannot be funded in the regular ways, really need to do a token sale. We are building a software platform to build blockchains. No token, No cryptocurrencies, No BS.

So whats the difference between you and other blockchain projects? We are building a public blockchain. All the features of blockchains like pseudo anonymity, fast global transactions, etc are preserved. But because we are a platform, we can build much quicker.

How do you plan on making money? Currently, the plan is to offer free access to the chain and charge for value added services on top, like chain analysis, KYC, etc.

What usecases are you working on? Everything other than money. We are NOT building a crypto-currency or asset.

Great, I am a developer, how do I get started? We love developers. Please get in touch via . We will get you started with OnChain ID.

I am not a developer, how do I get started? Excellent, please get in touch via . As applications are built on Chain, you can start using them.

I still don't understand, who can I talk to? No issues, email the team at We look forward to hearing from you.